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Monday, May 01, 2006

ATT is the DEVIL....

...and I really mean it this time. This morning, I dealt with internet issues AGAIN.

...and to make matters worse, all of the children have a huge case of the Mondays today. Huge.

...I'm so going to the gym tonight to get some of my frustrations out. Wearing big ol' baggy track pants and a t-shirt. You won't be seeing me in anything lycra anytime soon. I've one pair of those exercise capri-type things, but there aren't many shirts long enough to cover the bits no one would ever really want to see, so it's the bag-wear until I get as thin as Katie.


Blogger Nancy said...

1. Lycra/spandex is a privilege, not a right. So don't feel bad at all about wearing the baggy sweat pants.

2. ATT is not the was the advocate that I met with.. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

3. Just because they are ankle biters doesn't mean they can't have a case of the Monday's. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

6:19 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I'm really hating your internet. And even I don't wear lycra!

7:04 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I wear old work out/sweat pants that i swear are from the '80's, but I look bad in even the extra large stretch work out pants. It's just too much blubber. And you know it's bad when you are too fat to even wear normal work out pants. I, too, wear bags to the gym. Now, if only I could find one to put over my head.....

7:36 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

I do the same as you - I hate lycra...and I thought I was seeing an old post b/c I remember you saying that exact heading a few days ago!!! Sorry it sucks....

sent you an email about Wednesday - I was supposed to call but I got really crazed unpacking stuff...fitting one apt into one bedroom does NOT work out!

10:13 PM

Blogger gekke mum said...

i live with 3 boys and thier dad. and yes, their bathrom is DISGUSTING.

2:51 PM


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