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Friday, April 28, 2006

An Awesome Friday night....

....we had a laid back and fun supper at our local Mexican restaurant. Then, we had some awesome ice cream, of which you'll find a picture once I can get Blogger to agree to put the damn thing up. It wouldn't automatically load it, so I'm trying photobucket. but my computer is being awfully snarky since ATT/SBC/Yahoo took a hiatus a few days ago, thus requiring me to find alternate ways of connecting to the internet. love ATT. love it so much that I'm going to be sending them back their wonderful little DSL modem in June and find SOMEONE else with whom to exchange fat cash for high-speed internet service....fuckers. (What do you MEAN, I'm bitter? Moi??)

....and by the way, I think that Jack Johnson has to replace Ben Folds as the musical boyfriend for a while. You'll find out why if you listen to the seventh song on the Curious George soundtrack. Lovingly called "Monkey George" by one of the animals in the Zoo. I did about piss myself laughing when she screamed "Steph! See Monkey George!" OMG, is that kid a hellion but cute!! Anyway SEVENTH SONG, Curious George Soundtrack.... prize goes to the person who can tell me in what other movie that song is featured. Double prizes for the person who can name the band that also does "The 3 R's"


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