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Sunday, April 30, 2006

So you know how I said I joined the gym.....

....well, I'm up to a whopping 35 minutes cardio! Of course, I have only gone twice now. lol I still have issues with doing things like crunches at the gym, so I came home and did some of those until my belly and back burned, and then hopped in the shower. And I feel awesome. hoping to be as cool as Katie, who is going to buy herself an iPod because she hit 135 this weekend (it's ok, she's really nice, or I'd hate her, too...)! Go tell Katie how awesome she is with her new diet/exercise regime! OK, so I don't necessarily have to be 135 lbs, which I haven't seen since 1998, but I would love to be closer to 100 than 200... ;)

.... i've been playing around with taking photos of my layouts. I need to turn the flash off on my cam when I do this. Occasionally the twins will come in and see what I'm up to, and I'll snap a few of them, too. Here's my favorite of the day. Fuzzy, but I love the expression on his face!


Anonymous Judy said...

You amaze me. Someday I will learn to use the cool equipment at the gym. Maybe.

1:23 PM

Blogger Katie said...

The Steve shirt! hehe And thanks about the iPod, you can do it too! I'm going to post about mine in the morning.

5:27 PM


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