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Thursday, April 27, 2006

AT&T is the Devil....

....ok, so perhaps not the devil, but this is the second time in not so long that I've been puterless to some cock-up on their part. So yesterday left me with no computer and napless (yes, you heard it, and i've been complaining to you all for two and a half years about napless children) daycare girl.

....Oh, and don't forget the fevering three year-old who just wanted to snuggle with mommy all day, while the others ALSO wanted to snuggle with their Miss Steph.

....ok, I shall go bitch elsewhere now....


Anonymous Judy said...

I signed up for a felted handbag class at our local Knitting Shop. I knitted like a woman on speed for the past week in order to get all the knitting on the bag done between one class and the next (it was a two week class.) I knitted at soccer, on a school bus to a filed trip, at restaurants with my family, in church ( we sit in the balcony) etc....My carpal tunnel is killing me. Well I finished sewing the handles on the bag today and the darn thing is done. It shrank up more at the bottom than the top, so Itucked thesides in at the top and now I have a very shapely bag. I can't decide what to do tomorrow, go to the doc and beg for surgey on my carpal tunnel or go get my brows waxed. Seriously, I can scarce be seen in public with my hairy brows. Maybe I will go to the knit store and buy more yarn to start another bag. Oh, but I can't....I am broke till my husband gets paid again. Shoot! Why do all these people I know have such HUGE stashes of yarn in their homes, but they hoard it and don't share it. It would be so nice if for once someone said "oh, this old stuff? You can TAKE it!" But my dreams don't come true.

1:02 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said... need to get your own blog.... muhahaha....cos you'd crack everyone else's shit up, too, not just mine and my few faithful following!!

i'm sorry that you're broke and are in pain! get your brows waxed on the way to the docs! ;)

1:22 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens? Steph's felted bag shrunk way more than I meant it to as well...

5:23 PM


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