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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tired Tuesday.....

..... So, Katie made a word cloud from her blog. So, being the nice friend I am, I made my own, running with her idea (that, of course, she stole from someone else....). I am not computer literate enough to figure out how to copy it into my blog, so you're just going to have to trust me that my word cloud had the words shit, premature, kids, and pics in it. oh, and don't forget the word Katie. Fitting, since without her, I'd likely not have embarked on a journey in the blogging world.

****Warning....long rant follows.....****

.....Events being what they are, and I know that this is a common thread amongst my blogging buddies, I am going to have to seriously, seriously look at eating better and exercising. Stop laughing at me, for you know I'll likely try and fail at this, too. But, I did weigh myself last night on someone's scales. Methinks if I broke down and bought my own set of scales, that I'd likely turn anorexic and never put anything in my mouth ever again. But I weighed myself. 165. Yes, you read that right 165. I've never in my life weighed more, aside from the very brief time in which I weighed something like 175. Mind you, the Gruesome Twosome had taken up residence at the time, but let's be reminded that I gave birth at 26 weeks, so my body wasn't that for very long. And, two babies is a good excuse, no? Anyway, I've seriously gained 25 pounds since the twins were born. math sucks. I think it's closer to 30 pounds. See?? I really really really need to get on the stick. 30 pounds in three very short years. If I keep gaining weight at this rate, I'll be gargantuan before long. Kids are supposed to gain 10 lbs. a year, NOT mommies. And I know that I have a few things that work against me. Anyone on an antidepressant knows you're bound to pack on the weight. I still can't figure out whether it's just because my stomach isn't in serious knots all the time, thus paving the way for all the happy calories flooding their way into my mouth, or whether there is some sort of chemical that simulatenously slows down my metabolism as it gives me my false sense of a seratonin high. Probably a bit of both. But dammit!! How come people are not allowed to be skinny and happy? Most mommies do not have the time to dedicate to being thin. Not in this world that requires us to do three things all at the same time. I can't figure out when I'm supposed to be able to find the time to exercise and shower and still have a house standing when I'm done? It takes me a good hour to exercise and another half-hour to shower and dress. The gyms don't open at 4:30, so that leaves me with after work. I could work out a bit during nap, but I'd become all sweaty, and the sad sorry fact is that the kids I watch would burn my house down if I wasn't on top of them, ready to prevent them from doing so! So, that leaves me with an interrupted work-out after which I can't shower. Which, some people, who apparently have no sweat glands, can do. This girl, with overactive glands of all sorts (reproductive, mammory, name it), can NOT spend the rest of the day with the post-work-out stench. This leaves me with after work. A very brief period of time where I'm supposed to help with kids and dinner and cleaning. I feel so frustrated at my lack of options. I did what any couped up mother and daycare provider would do. I put on the Wiggles and danced to it. Then we got out the exercise ball (and dusted it off), and everyone got a go on it. The kids bounced while I did crunches. So we shall see. I have to start moving more. Maybe then I will at least STOP gaining weight. Most of my problem with gaining is that I'd rather use the money that I have to buy scrapbooking supplies or books rather than new clothes. *winks*


Blogger nain said...

so can we see your word cloud??? I'm curious to see what it looks like!

4:27 PM

Blogger Kari said...

I like the idea of dancing to the wiggles! Go stephanie Go!

11:08 PM

Blogger Katie said...

On the word cloud, right click on the picture and "save as". Then you can upload it like you do all your other pictures. :) Too funny that it has me and "shit" in it. I feel honored.

7:34 AM

Blogger nain said...

Hey! tried to email you but my gmail is acting up, but...I ordered the balloons this morning! I'm picking them up at 11:00 on Sat, April 1st - figured that'd be a good time to just have me head over to the place and meet you guys when it opens at noon or whenever...hope you are having a good day!!!

9:48 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Hey, i am heavier than you (by about 5 pounds)
If i can do it then so can you(maybe we can be blogging diet buddies lol)
I'm gonna dance round the room to the wiggles tomorrow.
*Goes off singing Toot Toot Chugga Chugga*

3:54 PM


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