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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

....cos Little Stephie's kids wanna play outside.... (that does NOT give you premission to call me Stephie!)

....I do like the rain when I don't have to go anywhere, but it would have been nice to take my little 'uns outside for a few. They did, however, manage to get in a few rounds of dancing to the Wiggles (Yummy, Yummy cd...and yes, Walter, it has Wags the Dog on it!) and coloring pages (and walls).

....I had a light day today, which gave me inspiration to do none other than organize my stash a bit more by cataloging my rubber stamp collection. Yes, I'm that geeky that I feel the need to do this. But I have a lot of good stuff that gets left behind in the shuffle because it has to be put away....Out of sight, out of mind! So, I now have TEN PAGES of stamp images to look through when I go to make a page/card. Yay! I have so much stuff, that it's very easy to forget what I have. This has led me to want to catalog my punches and die cut collections, too.

...Not only did I do that, but I managed to get in a few loads of laundry today, too! (Oh, and make sure that the kids didn't kill eachother or piss on my floor.) I didn't, however, do anything for supper, which I need to do soon! far as eating today, I managed to polish off all the good ice cream in the house, so I was back to actually not doing too badly. Every day always includes a few handfuls of M&M's (hey...shut up, you, I gave up diet Coke....), but I didn't manage to overeat today.

....AND, the BEST part of my day today?? I GOT A NEW PURSE IN THE MAIL FROM MY FRIEND KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katie, who has known me longer than even some of my family. Katie, who knows the names of all of the skeletons in my closet. Katie, who knows where all the bodies are buried (wait, no...I suppose we aren't mobster families....strike that last one.). Anyway, I was going to buy the yarn for her to knit me a purse, but SHE DID IT HERSELF!!! :)

.....AND, the SECOND BEST PART OF MY DAY?? My friend, Judy (who so would have a great following should she open her own blog), stopped by today with a goody bag (complete with chocolate!!). That had everything from our favorite Bazzill cardstock to books on how to do altered books!

.....Everyone needs friends like me. I think I need to bust out my stamps and churn out some thank-you cards, no? ;)


Blogger Katie said...

I'm glad you liked it! Now where's Aaron so I can bop him over the head to remind him not to buy any more ice cream?

7:03 PM

Blogger Walter said...

You know what I found disturbing about your post? When I got to the "Wiggles" part I actually started singing the words to Wags the Dog.

9:11 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...


I wanna see!

11:37 AM

Blogger Auntie said...

I will take a thank you card too.

12:51 PM

Blogger instamom said...

aren't you glad you have friends that knit so that you don't have to?!

2:12 PM


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