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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Monday's always get me down....

....and other people. why is that? the nap time today was spent doing this.... i didn't get all that far, but have all of my Stampin' Spots colors on my sheets! I figure I don't have the energy right now to scrap, so I may as well do something productive that might get me in the mood. Some of my Stampin' Spots are new, so that's always nice...they're so perfect when you just open them! ;)

....I've been working lately on my handwriting. A few of my friends and I have this book, but none of us have gotten very far in it. She has some great tips, though, so I'm looking forward to working with them. Don't buy her rub-ons, though. They're for shit. Not that you didn't already know that. ;)

....I feel down in the dumps right now. Part of it's hormonal, but some of it's just this time of year. Plus screaming children, and you have a Zookeeper down in the dumps. *sigh* I know I'm not the only person down right now....and I know that I have it better than most, so I shall just figure out how to get myself out of this. I'm hoping in a few days I'll feel better.


Anonymous alaina said...

I'm there with you on the being down thing...I've been down since I got back to Dayton, and I don't have anyone around to keep me company so feel fortunate you are surrounded by your family. Hang in there - you'll come back "up"

7:08 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Did you make that chart all by yourself? Do you just put some stamping ink color on it and label your colors to keep track of them? It is both cool and handy. Can I get one?

8:10 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

judy...just push should get one! ;)

9:18 PM

Blogger Katie said...

How cute is that? Sorry you are feeling down too, let's bring each other up again.

7:59 AM


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