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Friday, March 10, 2006

A Shit(e) Day with a Good Ending....

...OK, so maybe giving up diet Coke practically cold turkey wasn't the best idea. I'm soooo jonsing for a diet Coke. Why? Because when I get really frustrated with the children (say...when they're tossing the guinea pigs' shit-catching piney stuff all over the floor and eachother), I can get some instant gratification by cracking open a can of diet Coke (instead of whip-ass). The caffiene and bubble deprivation has led me to be one head-achey, stomach-churning mess. Well, with the help of my friends....the animals at the Zoo. Not to mention the fact that I horked up Mexican food last weekend and poor Aaron, who wants nothing more than a (good) margarita, wants to go to a Mexican restaurant. Why so adamant about it? Because he gave up BEER for lent. So a good maragrita is a reward for not drinking it for a week. So, when he called some friends up, not getting prior approval for Mexican, but inviting them anyway...I kind of went ape-shit on him, and got sad and pissed when he wasn't particularly kind back. Oy, the spiral that goes downhill at the speed of light.

...On a good note, Griffin only went in his pants/pull-up at nap today! Woot for the big boy. I had to tell you, since I've done so much complaining about him pissing and crapping himself everywhere we went last weekend. hehe So it's not all that bad. (Erin, on the other hand...oy.... she fought me yesterday about peeing on the potty, despite the fact that she hadn't gone all morning, and was mad that I wouldn't give her the pull-up until she did the deed on the potty....GRRRRRR....)

....So, how did this day-from-the-pits have a good ending? Well, Aaron finally gave up hope of going to Mexican (despite the fact that I told him that I would go and just have chips and cheese instead of the otherwise yummy burrito that I usually get), and ordered pizza. He went and got margarita mix, and was fairly disappointed by the drink. I might as well be Jewish for the guilt I'm toting around. Catholics don't compare in this area, despite the fact that I am one. Oh, the guilt! Anyway, I said fuck it to the diet (by the way, I did fairly well today...until about 3:00 when I went for an ice cream cup) and had three pieces of pizza...1 mushroom and 2 onion (and my breath is sooo not pretty right now)....topped off with a fountain Mt. Dew.

....After supper, I scrapbooked for myself (sorry, Kari...I promise to get the album done before she turns three....). I'd left the twins' albums hanging for the past few months. So I did a few pages that were identical (thanks for the inspiration to do it that way, Katie). I went back and re-created a page for Griffin (heavily improvising, much to my dismay) that goes with this one in Erin's book. I'll post pics of all these when I'm completely finished with them. I also did some new identical pages, which are nearly the same, except for appropriate individual photos and having to switch the style of alphabet due to letter shortages (oh, the horrors!). Those, I used crystal laquer on, so I'm having to let them dry. That's one thing that's hard for me in scrapbooking. Not getting INSTANT GRATIFICATION due to having to allow for dry-time. *sigh* They'll be finished tomorrow, though! I also made a card.

So I can go to bed feeling less like my head will implode at any given moment due to stress. Which, considering it is already Saturday by nine minutes, I should do right now. Good night all...hope you had a lovely Friday!


Blogger Katie said...

Sorry I didn't hop back online to scrapbook with you, Greg rented a movie. And I thought you were giving up Mexican since it seems to make you puke. lol Have a good weekend!

8:27 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

Sending your fraubyers@hotmail account an email :-) Just letting you know! Hope you have a no Shit(e) Saturday!

12:12 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

We eat Mexican continually in this house, well, actually, we eat it out all the time. I will go get a margarita and a meal with Aaron anytime! Poor guy. Wouldn't a margarita have made you fel better, too? Shoulda had a couple!

3:18 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

We ate at Cancun tonight. so sorry Aaron wasn't with me to get his fill. It was yummy and so far it is staying in, and not coming out both ends, like it affects you! maybe your body just wanted to keep you wondering which end would be the most disgruntled with your food choices.

Anybody wanna make soap for kids with me? I sold at a craft fair today and there was a lady there who sold clear soaps, with toys inside. I got Noah a little green soap with a doggie in it and I got seth aclear soap with sparkles and it had a gingerbread man inside. Seth loves the Gingerbread man, and Noah LOVES dogs. Anyhow, Michaels probably seels soap kits. I want to cook up a batch and put toys inside. My kids were just oddly happy with soap as a present today. But then, my kids are odd, so why not?

Do you think I need another craft? (Okay, don't answer that!)

9:00 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I know who you made that card for...(SMILES!!)

Had a great time with you chilling on your couch! Thanks for letting me hang out.

Let me know when the order needs to go in for TAC.

9:29 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I want mexican food.

9:29 PM

Blogger Auntie said...


9:29 PM


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