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Sunday, March 05, 2006


....ok, so I'm embarrassed to tell you what I ate on Friday. But it included a pint of chocolate cookie dough ice cream. There. I said it. And, I'm not buying anymore ice cream until I can get some of these bad habits out of the way.

....Starting with over-shopping. Yesterday I went to a Stamping and paper Crafts festival at the State Fairgrounds. It was fun, but I didn't spend more than my allotted 45 dollar budget (which was more than I intended in the first place, but the machine wouldn't give me tens, and I'd originally wanted to take 30). The 45 dollars included lunch (more on that in a minute), which was 12, entrance to the festival, which was 5, parking, which was 1, and gas money to Judy, which was 2.75. I got two packs of paper, some pensacore stuff (with which you can make your own stamps), a glue pen, and a set of alphabet stamps. Oh, and a "made by auntie" stamp for my friend Rebecca. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Cos, ask Aaron, self-control, and Stephanie aren't usually uttered in the same sentence, unless it does with LACKING.

....So all was fine and dandy, had a good time, then went to Cancun to eat lunch. I got my favorite, Cilantro Cream Burrito and regular Coke (still haven't drunk diet yet....*unreligiously pats self on back*). All was great, until the waves of nausea started. I won't elaborate, but suffice it to say, I gently turned down the chance to eat Mexican food again today, shuddering at the memories of yesterday.

....But lemme tell ya. Despite the fact that I'm feeling shite, I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be losing some of my weight! hahaha

So Aaron painted both the kids' bathroom and the hall this weekend. I shall take pictures once I find my camera. Aaron has put it safely away somewhere. I just have no idea where that might be. I shall also post pics of the neat little invitations Nain and I made on Thursday. And the thank you notes I finished on Friday. They're nothing special, but I think they'll be cute.

OK, there you have it folks. My weekend.

By the way, we finally found a duvet cover for my down comforter! I shall take pics of that, too, once Mt. Needtofold has been conquered.


Blogger Katie said...

((hugs)) I'm sorry your tummy keeps getting upset with Mexican food. And woohoo about the convention!

5:12 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

WoooHoooo! I made four scrapbook pages today, and NO, they were NOT from the kits I bought yesterday. The way Steph avoids spending money? Encouraging others to spend it! *winks* I need any encouragement in that area.

8:48 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

Hey dear, I made it home safely - despite the fun weather. Ironically, I was the only one worried about the snow. WHY, does it always snow or rain when I'm driving back to Dayton? To make my return to school that more depressing?

9:44 PM

Blogger Cath said...

But wouldn't Diet Coke have less calories than regular coke?
Sounds like you had fun shopping, sorry you're food made you ill though :(

3:37 PM


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