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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hump Day.....

.....not that kind of hump... *winks* yesterday was a loooong day. I worked 12 hours, then went to Applebees' to see about organizing Aaron's sister's baby shower with both sisters *waves to Nain* and Andrea's sister-in-law. A very productive time. Then I went to Wal-Mart to get some essentials for the house, which landed me back at home at 9:30. Then I gave Ginny and Lucy their meds, and read for a little while before going to sleep. *whew*'s been ok so far. Yesterday when I was outside with the kids, we collected pine cones, pine needles, branches, etc, to make nature collages this morning. That went as well as it possibly could with six kids five and under.

*****food 6am-11am******
1 cup strawberry flavored black tea
1 16.9 oz. bottle water
handful of grapes

*******11 am to 1:38 pm********
1 cup Kashi cereal (like bran flakes....)
1 4oz. yougurt
1 cup chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream..... *sigh* it was good....
1 bottle water
a little over one serving of trail mix...forgot that.... :-S
(After the ice cream, I feel better.... *winks*) yes, I'm trying to give up diet Coke. And I'm finding it easier in some ways, but harder in others....what else can you drink when you're thirsty for something cold? I'm going to have to revert back to my diet Snapple days. On the other hand, this has been easier, because I don't have a retched headache, thanks to my black and green teas.

.....By the way, I lurve Adagio Teas. I shopped online on Monday to redeem my "frequent cups" dollars ($12.00 by the way!), and spent something like another 10.00, and got my order TODAY! Go forth, my tea friends, and buy from them! They're honestly the best place I've ever shopped online.

.....And I've figured out just how I've been able to gain the weight that I have. I'm a die-hard snacker. I snack when I cook, mostly, but then also snack between meals. Somehow, I've got to let go of this habit. Any ideas, my faithful following?

I'm not sure I should tell you this.....
1 cup green cocomint tea...*slurps*
1 cup of Strawberry Special K
5 Samoas
3 seafood salad croissants with sharp cheddar cheese (these were mini-croissants, by the way)
1 salad with hearts of romaine lettuce, mushroom, and cucumber

....But did you know that.....

........the average pouch of fruit snacks contains 100 calories
........the average muffin which I've been consuming one or four of at snack is 150 calories....

.......Not a flipping wonder......

.............By the way.................I'M JONSING FOR A DIET COKE.................................


Anonymous Judy said...

I ate left overs for lunch today. Very frugal of me. But, I wanted something tastier. Maybe more Taco Bell! Mmmmm

1:23 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Don't starve yourself...that will get you nowhere. At least that's my theory.

I am actually off to Taco Hell in about 20 minutes....yay me :) But I promise to think of you whilst stuffing my face if that makes you feel any better.

Did you have Baked French Onion soup at Applebee's? That is one of my faves :)

1:36 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Who keeps bringing ice cream into your house?!?!? *winks*

2:02 PM

Blogger Cath said...

No diet coke?????

2:09 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

eat breakfast - it's the most important meal of the day, and try eggs and toast, that'll hold you over...otherwise, you're totally snacking least this is what I do :-) See you tomorrow!

5:50 PM


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