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Saturday, March 18, 2006

A pretty Good Saturday....

...aside from the pain in my head that is the sinus crap that's been my life for the past few weeks, the day was pretty good. Aaron and I got a nice, slow start to the morning, as the twins and Collin were at Aaron's parents for the night. They did really well for them, which makes us happy, as it might mean a few more kidless nights in the future. Anything more than what we've had for the last three years is fine with us!

...I've decided that iTunes is a good way to go for buying cd's from now on. When you have children, chances are your cd's are going to be scratched to hell and unreadable in about 6.4 seconds. And if that's the case, it's better to be able to just burn another copy of it! That is my current thought, at any rate.

....I went through all the receipts that we have to figure out what I can use for my tax return. Which leads me to wonder if my anti-depressants and diet Coke would be considered tax deductible, as I only need them because of my job. Perhaps I shall ask my old boss. Ya know, at that accounting firm that wasn't a part of that big scandal a few years back.

....I really hate the fact that the meth labs of America has rendered it nearly impossible to get Sudafed. The fuckers have made it to where you can't get your children decongestants (that work) without signing away your life. It also renders it useless to have a 24 hour Wal-Mart in the vicinity if you can't go get said cold medicines in the middle of the night. Bastards.

So how was YOUR weekend? (Yes, I'm being comment needy.....humor me, please. *winks*)


Blogger Auntie said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick but hurray for you and the Mr to have the night alone.

I haven't even thought of doing that with iTunes...thanks for the thought!

I laughed when I read about taking your depressants and diet cokes off as a tax break...I wonder if I could get away with something like that as well?? Although I don't own my own business...hum

If you get a chance, you can read what we did on Sat on my blog.

Until the...I am
a stressed out manager

11:12 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Lots of scrapping this weekend here Steph you'll be pleased to know!
Glad you got some child free time, it's really great isn't it.
Can't believe you can't get sudafed, it's on every shelf in every store over here, but i guess thats just how different the UK and US are isn't it!

6:15 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Ha! I knew it! You actually run a meth lab out of your house. Making those poor children mix chemicals and stuff... hehe But yeah, I agree it sucks trying to get some decent cold medicine now adays.

My weekend... Today we are going to Chick-fil-a for a Hockey party (the coach owns a franchised store, convinent no?) and then that's about it. I really need to sort through the kids' spring/summer clothes still.

8:59 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

my weekend is going ok...have a killer cold, but I'm stubborn and refuse to go buy cold medicine b/c I don't really WANT to be I'm ignoring it...watched IU lose last night :-( and helped out at a soup dinner at church last to talk to Griffin Fri night..he was devastated that G-ma didn't have chocolate for when he went potty..he told me about it, but when I said "Oh, I'm sorry Griffin..." he goes " (Sigh), it's alright..." cute!

10:35 AM

Anonymous alaina, again... said...

augh I wish you were here! I just gave myself a mini panic attack doing my taxes...I forgot to "exempt myself" (which Dad quickly found out in helping me talk myself off throwing myself off my balcony) I thought I was going to have to pay! And I make SHIT for pay so WTF??? Man, I hate taxes...

1:26 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

We went to southern indiana, near Bean Blossom for our church's annual family retreat. It's at a conference center called Waycross, and as we have the place to ourselves, the kids run wild. Plus, there is alcohol and crafts (which I led) and laughter late into the night. Now I am tired, though. The kids slept on the way home. Noah wants the Old Crunchy Buffet for dinner, and I want Cancun!

5:45 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Okay, so it was a pretty good saturday, but it's SUNDAY ya know?!

7:51 PM


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