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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Nice, Easy, BEAUTIFUL Day.....

So, in the land that's usually brimming with under-twos who are whining, crying and biting, there was peace and happiness to be found. I had one family today, and they were here until 3:00. Yes, the girl who usually works a twelve hour day worked the normal 8-9 hour day! The family did consist of four children, but the oldest two don't count as much, since they're eight and twelve. The eight year old is one of Collin's best friends, so we didn't see them much today. The twelve year old is a girl, so she is like a little mommy to the others. She was such a big help. I fed everyone, but other than that, the day was cake.

And the weather is beautiful. It's not a wonder that my sinuses are angry, as yesterday it was horribly cold outside. Today, it was sunny and fairly warm in the afternoon. My head is killing me, but it could be worse, eh?

This afternoon, while everyone slept, I talked to Katie on the phone and sorted through my embarrassingly large stash of paper. I have a stack that's about two and a half feet wide. I know that there is no way that I'll be able to use all this paper. No way. But I do know that others have a much larger stash than I do. They frequently appear in Creating Keepsakes, and have rows upon rows of the stuff. No, I am not that bad. But I'm still embarrassed at the amount of paper I have hiding about my room. But nearly all of it has a home now, which wasn't the case before. I still do need a few more things to keep my paper in, but overall I'm doing fairly well! *big, cheesy grins*

I have decided that paper is my embarrassing shopping addiction. Anything scrapbooking, really, but especially paper. When I feel down in the dumps, nothing is as exhilirating as getting some new stash. I feel guilty about it later, but at the time, it sure does help this locked-up-zookeeper a happier girl. Which is why I think I'm not headed to divorce court or financial counseling. *winks*

So tonight, I'm off to see my boyfriend. This title used to be held by someone else, but now he's a total sell-out, and not worthy of definition of the particular singer. Sad, because I think he would have made an awesome love child with me. (sit down, Aaron, I'm only joking!....well....sort of....)

Happy St. Patrick's Day! May you drink all the green beer you can hold!


Anonymous Judy said...

I want to make a love child with George Clooney. Mmmmm....

Actually, george must be very careful, as he does not seem to have any love children, or at least not that we know of. Makes me think George is a very cautious man as no "accidents" have happened. I would be happy just to be in george's bed, chldren or no as a result. Actually, we are both getting a little old to be making children, so all the better between him and I. Now, if only i could find some way to tell him!

9:36 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Check your hotmail account nd post my warning so other women will know what awaits them...

9:38 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Have loads of fun at the concert ....(and after too since you have no kiddos in the house :P)

9:58 PM

Blogger nain said...

nah, don't drink green beer, drink GOOD beer. They usually put the green dye in light beer...YUCK!! Glad you had fun at the concert!

8:28 AM


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