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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Envy.....The Root of All Evil....

....I'm so envious of a buddy of mine right now. True, he's 35 years old and leads the typical life, but soon, he'll probably be moving to a different country that is half-way around the world from where he is right now. Moving his whole family there with him. And he's never even been to this country!

....the only "unknown territory" that i've ever explored was to have a baby. that, and to start a job in which I didn't know what I'd be doing. But it's always been within a four hour drive from my hometown. I've never lived out of a four hour radius from my home down....I've rarely been outside of the state in which i reside.

....but part of me would pick up and move to another country in a heartbeat and not think twice. i can think of, oh, say four people that i'd have to bring with me. but with them, i feel like no matter where i hang my hat, if it's next to theirs, i'm home. someone convince my husband that it would be ok to move to a different country! ;)


Blogger Cath said...

Aaron, you need to come move to the UK now so that Steph and I can do some scrapping together. And that scrapbooking not fighting LMAO!

1:04 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I left you a little something on your bench outisde your door....

1:26 PM

Blogger Katie said...

You and I should go to Mexico. Or Canada. So then you can at least say you've been out of the county.

2:22 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I tried to help you find your happy place, surely it lies somewhere between diet coke and chocolate.

Want my news for the day? For several days I have had a loomer on my face. You know the thing, it feels like a small tumor and it really is a pimple without ever forming the head of one. It just looms beneath the surface of the skin causing so much pain you hate it but knowing you can do nothing about it.

Well, today, I decided that the litte bastard had better get moving along so I went up to my secret drawer in the bathroom where I hide my nail polish from my five year old son (yes, I said SON!) and got out a scalpel I got from the doctor's office a while back.. And, no, you don't want to know how I "got" it or why. Let me tell ya this, it involves a wart on my foot and it's not a pretty story.

Anyway, the scalpel was new so I didn't have to home sterilize it. I made a small incision on my face and then squeezed some vile poisonous stuff from my poor skin. It was a nice tiny slice so it appears to be healing well and is not ugly and scabby.

There ya have it, Judy's guide to home surgery. And if you try this at home, don't sue me if you severely injure yourself. If you are smart enough to read and access a blog, you are smart enough not to try out all the new ideas you read about.

2:31 PM

Anonymous Greg said...

How about just starting off with a road trip to Maryland to visit us...

4:41 PM

Blogger nain said...

move to dayton - it's like a whole other country here. ha

6:43 PM


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