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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Blast From the Past..... many of you, the whole ten faithful, know, I'm addicted to Sitemeter right I can get a semi-good idea of who's actually reading this thing. BTW, I'm really sad that nobody commented today. Really sad. I feel incredibly neglected. ANYWAY, I digress...

....and many of you also know that I used to be a German teacher. This was at good old Eastern Hancock High School, in Hancock County, Indiana. It was one of the worst years of my life, although I did meet several nice people.

....Well, the point of all this? Someone, who's connection is based out of Shirley, Indiana (whaddaya mean you've never HEARD of SHIRLEY!! Surely, you can't be serious, as Shirley is one of those blink-and-you-miss-it towns, such as I grew up in...) has been spending A LOT of time reading my blog. And I mean a LOT.OF.TIME. It doesn't creep me out, but it does make me wonder who might be reading it. It also brings up some memories of the past. Both good and bad.

High school students can be mean. Downright, plain-old mean. But...they can also be the kindest, neatest people. There are many past students that I wonder what happened to them. Whatever happened to all those ├╝berpopular cheerleaders obsessed with getting not just A's, but A PLUSSES on everything? So much, in fact, that they'd cheat on just about everything they could? And then tell the teacher that they were the worst thing ever to receive a license because she caught them? Or, whatever happened to the kids who actually liked me....the one who gave me a sticker that said "I've survived just about damn near everything". Which was the themesong for that entire year and which I carried around with me in my cd case for years afterward? Whatever happened to the girl who used to come into my room and eat lunch with me every day because she was so much more like a friend than a student. Who, also, coincidentally, was only about four years younger than me at the time!

You see, I was way too young and naiive to be a teacher. Of course, this was nothing that any classroom could have taught me, and was something that I had to find out for myself. That fateful year of teaching at EHHS.

Boy, if they could see me now. ;)


Blogger Katie said...

Sorry about the lack of comments, we ended up spending the majority of the day outside and at a soccer game. Too weird that someone from Shirley has been here.

7:25 AM


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