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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Slow Saturday.....aaaaahhhhh gotta love when you don't have much going on on a Saturday morning. Lazy. Ahhhh...

So, you ask, why did I post all of the pictures of my house and light fixtures? It's for Katie . You see, we've known eachother since we were six. Yes, six. Longer than we've NOT known eachother. And Katie has since selfishly taken upon herself (with the aide of her husband, Greg, who got a job there), to move to Maryland. And with the hurricanes and whatever else is driving the gas prices these days, Aaron will NOT let me go there for Fall Break this year. And, since Katie won't be able to see my house until October, we've decided to swap pictures of our houses. Yes, I realize that these are not all of the rooms. Those shall come later. There were kidlets sleeping in the other rooms when I went around with my camera. Yes, yes, that does explain the ROOMS, but why the FANS? OK, take another look. Go ahead, I'll wait. Back? Yes, did you SEE the fugliness of those fans and light fixtures? They are soooo not my style. I should almost start up a fund to have people donate to help me buy new ones....darn the hurricanes and other plagues that make this seem very shallow.

Anyway, that's my house. Yes, I'm a slob, you can say it. I also have two very good reasons why my house never seems to be neat.....


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