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Friday, August 12, 2005

Exhaustion Doesn't Even Begin describe what I'm feeling right now. I'm so friggin' tired that I don't want to do anything. Most of what I can get accomplished in a day is the very basics of what needs to be done. I'm very tired of this, but cannot see a way out of it at this current juncture.....If anyone has any ideas for a woman to do that doesn't include paying daycare, let me know. I can't really afford daycare right now.... I wish that I could work outside the home again.


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

I hope you know I was serious when I said you could vacatoin in Hawaii !!

We JUST sold our house and we are starting the move, but should be settled by November... Any time after that and you are more then welcome !!

3:35 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Steph, i know how you feel. I dont know how you do it! I can't tidy the house and look after Corey and i dont work. You must be superwoman!

4:11 PM


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