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Monday, July 11, 2005

New Furniture, Same Old Feelings.....

.....OK, so the retail therapy didn't work as well as I'd like....I feel down in the dumps again....Am hoping that this phase of the cycle passes quickly so that I can feel somewhat normal again. Does the week before a vacation always come with a bit of depression? I thought it was the coming back that made people depressed. Perhaps it's because of the clouds. I am not sure.

The babies are really starting to be the gruesome twosome. There is more hitting, biting, whining, and throwing than should be possible around here. I try to prevent/stop/punish it, but nothing seems to be working right now. It wears me out.

So methinks that I really am going to look into a day spa or something for the last day of my vacation. I really need some "me" time, but can't see where it could be possible unless I do it the Friday of my vacation....Unless I went away for the weekend, maybe? Then it comes down to no one to go with (unless I went alone? *bites nails*) and nowhere to go. What a fucking saddo I've become.

OK, off to see if I can be fulfilled by my salad and garlic bread for supper. Ice cream is so much better tasting....Maybe if I close my eyes and dream Breyer's that my salad will taste more like some cookies and cream.


Blogger Auntie said...

A day spa?

Sign me up!

6:13 PM

Blogger Katie said...

You obviously didn't spend enough money, go try again. ;) Are there any day spas in Loogootee? LMAO

7:13 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

I would tell you to come to me for a few days of your vacation, but I won't be here either. Hey...that may be a good idea. matt and Cate will be gone too, so you will actually have a whole house to yourself :P

7:02 PM


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