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Sunday, July 03, 2005

A Pretty Good Day.....

Today was a pretty good day in the land of wild animals.... :D

I was able to sleep in until 10:00!! :D Thanks, my dear Aaron!

Then we went to church...the babies were very well behaved. I mused at the thought that Catholics keep kids entertained by changing it up all the time....Sit, Stand, Kneel, Sit, Stand, Kneel....Sing, Listen, Sing,'s all good from a toddler perspective. ;)

Then I played on the puter a little bit....

And then went to Victoria's Secret, where I spent a whopping $180!!!! And still, if you think about the fortune I saved breastfeeding (at least 2-4,000 worth of formula, not to mention the likelihood of more hospital bills due to the fact that they weren't getting momma's antibodies), I can shell out nearly 200 clams in undies. ROFL....That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

After my shopping spree, I was famished, so I treated myself to a chicken salad sandwich at a cafe nearby. It was so nice to eat without having to cook, clean up afterward, or take care of anyone else during.

When the babies got up from their nap, we loaded them up in the van and went to the Carmel Fest. Carmel is the city that our mail is sent to, but is technically the city that's about a block and a half south of where we live. So we treated ourselves to the fortune in food that we spend on things like corn dogs, hot dogs, and strawberry and raspberry lemonades. ;) Oh, and don't forget the funnel cake! *drools*

After that, we went to McDonald's and grabbed some sundaes to go, and took them to a nearby park (almost in our back yard! LOL). They made a mess on a picnic table instead of at my dinner table, and they got to play on a bigger playground. So they had a blast. :)

Tomorrow, we're going to good old Ohio to see Katie and the gang. It's been nearly two years since we last saw them, so I'm excited. It might not be anything more than the kids running in their sprinkler as opposed to ours, but at this point, it's the best of both worlds...I'll be getting out of this hell-hole (not really a hell-hole, but for anyone tied to their house all week, anywhere else seems like heaven... LOL), but we'll get the chance to relax. That is, unless Aaron has other ideas....My thought is that I'm perfectly ok with just hanging out! (He's the busybody, you know!)


Blogger Katie said...

It was great to see you but let's not wait until 2 years until next time!

6:05 AM


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