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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Exercise, Eating Right, and Working Like a Maniac....

Ok, so I tried exercising on Friday (as much as my second-youngest daycare kiddo will allow), exercised for nearly an hour on Saturday, and did about fifteen minutes or so worth of exercise today. Not too shabby for just getting started. I know that I need to do better with all this stuff.

As far as eating, I've been working on that, too. For lunch yesterday, I had one of those fruit bowls from Wendy's, along with a few chicken nuggets. Much more expensive than my usual meal, but much better for me. And I've been working on eating more salad and veggies, and less of everything else that's much more tasty but adds more to my expanding waistline. *sigh* I'm such a bread-aholic....and no...none of this whole grain shit for me....give me IronKids, damn it! So Aaron makes some biscuits for lunch, and I actually control myself and only eat two....instead of the usual three, four, or five that I'd usually eat.

And can I tell you how awesome I think my husband is? Well, he is. And here's why. He does so much around this house that it makes my life so much easier. And it's really what men should do. Aaron and I have a special case where I actually work in my house (12 hours a day...urgh). But so many men, especially around here, are the sole bread-winners of the family. That is a great thing. However, so many men that I know think that is their ONLY job in life. To make the money. The rest is up to the wife. Evenings, weekends, etc, are their time "off". Here is my question.....when is it ever the wife's time "off"? Having a family and a house to take care of is a big job. Most jobs are between 40-50 hours a week. Methinks that there is a lot more to a day than just the 9 to 5 stuff. And taking care of a house and a family is much harder sometimes than a job. I do know this to be true....I keep wondering how all these women do it without the help, since I've done the bulk of the child-minding, cleaning, and cooking for the past few days. Not that I'm trying to brag, but I think that the fact that Aaron does go to work, yet knows that I need the help in the evenings is such a wonderful thing that I take for granted. It's an expectation for me, not just a gift....I should treat it more like a gift that he's given me.

Other than that, nothing much is new around here. Poor Aaron's feeling a little worse for wear.... it's killing him not to just be able to do what he's used to doing. He's such a busy-body. hehe

I'm so excited. We're supposed to be getting our new furniture tomorrow! Wee!!! :) Anyone want to buy a sleeper sofa? It's hunter green with little flecks of fuschia and light blue. (Don't question my taste on this, guys, my mother and father-in-law picked it out as a wedding present!) It's eight years old, but doesn't look it at all. Free so long as you can pick it up out of my garage. Cos I'm not moving the sonofabitch again! ROFL (And I think that the in-laws would agree at this point! hehehe)


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Yes, that sonofabitch is heavy!!!

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