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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just About Eight Hours......

.......and I'll be homeless for a day! LOL We're pretty excited that we're closing on our houses within the next two days. Moving is Friday! I can't believe that the month and a half wait is over. And in about five days, I'll be moving into the house that is likely to be mine for the next twenty or so.....the thought is both daunting and exciting. I feel nervous about my new neighbors...I am just now to the point where I feel a good commraderie with my neighbors....and now I'm leaving them. *sigh*

On another note, we went to our buddies' Marty and Julie's last night. It was a lot of fun to hang out with friends. They are totally sweet, and are good with our kidlets. That always makes a difference in the way I feel about people these days. Whoever can adjust well to the terrorizing trio I've given birth to holds a special place in my heart! LOL

Am seriously hoping that the day ends up better than it started...everyone's routines were pretty much blown from the holiday, and the kids are reeeeaallly nutty!


Blogger Katie said...

Woohoo! I'm so excited for you to have a bigger house. Good luck with the move!

9:04 AM

Blogger diligent law student said...

Good luck with the packing!!! and with the closing of the first house today!!!! See you later this week :-)

9:55 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

Can't wait to come and visit at the new house :D

11:36 AM


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