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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Yucky Day.....

We shall be inside the entire day today....thunderstorms have moved through this morning, and they anticipate that they'll keep it up all day. *sigh*

Additionally, I am on 2 days of a good ol' Z-pack, and my throat still hurts like a mo-fo. This is really getting me down. I just want to go back to bed a sleep a bit.

So last night we went to the Red Onion in Sheridan, which is just north of us. It was the slowest possible service known to man..... a couple who had a 16 month-old baby left because they didn't get their food in time. We understand that it's all made-from-scratch food, but you can't expect a toddler to just sit down for an hour while they prepare food. LOL So that put us way behind on getting stuff done last night....oh well. Could be worse, right?


Blogger diligent law student said...

Hey, Steph!! Sorry about the crappy service...I have little patience for that, being an ex-waitress. See you tonight!

8:20 AM


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