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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Comedy of Errors and Chance.....

So, I go to the pharmacy tonight to get Z-packs for the twins....they're playing up the mirror image stuff with infections in opposite ears. Anyway, when I get to the drop-off window and explain to the dude that the addresses and birthdates on the slips would be the same, he said "I have twins, too." Then I realize that I'm talking to the man whose twins had so much in common with mine. They were born at the same NICU. Boy/Girl twins, born at 26 weeks, boy gets off vent before the girl...etc, etc, etc....if they were caucasion kids whose parents speak English as a native language, you would swear that they were ours. lol Anyway, it was fun to catch up with him....
Next, I get to the check-out, and lo and behold, Medicaid is still functioning.... WTF?? We've not been eligible for over a year. hmmm...No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket (a favorite phrase of both Katie and my mom...hehe)! We qualified the first year that I stayed home, because, well, I didn't make much money at all. And I believe that we might have still qualified if we wanted to jump through all the hoops that you have to go through to qualify. But, I love my pediatrician too much, and he's not in the Medicaid system. So, we just stopped answering the office's mail. But, apparently, the caseworker, who I swear wouldn't know his ass from his elbow (thank you Debs for that wonderful phrase), didn't take us out of the system. So, I took my free drugs and ran. I just might go to hell for that one. But, you's not up to ME to take my kids OUT of the system when it comes to medicine...I asked the pharmacist. So, I just might have to call and tell them to kindly take us out of the Medicaid system...unless you all want to keep paying for my children's medications. I only used the damn Medicaid to get the million dollars wort of RSV shots covered.
Next item up for laughs is my damn car. It's a 1996 Geo make matters worse, it's purple. I've lovingly called it the Jelly Bean ever since Aaron introduced it to me. It's generally been a good car. And hell, it's paid off, so what more do I want, right? Well, I want it to run, for starters. That just might be a good start. ROFL. There seems to be a minor glitch happening with the battery. The wires connected to the terminal on the battery were loose, so the battery keeps shorting out. To fix this, you have to pop the hood and jiggle the wires and pray. Well, I could find the handle to pop the hood....I could jiggle the wires....but I couldn't get the hood opened once I popped the latch on the inside. How sad is it that I've never popped the hood on a car that I've had nearly five years? Ya gotta love having a man around to do this type of shit! ROFL I'm going to ask Aaron to give me a lesson on basic car maintenance in our free time this summer. Well, if free time is something I can put in my vocabulary, that is.

Anyway, all of this took place within half an hour. Too funny that it's taken me that long to type it out.

Off to bed with my sorry ass!


Blogger Katie said...

Wow the Jelly Bean is almost 9 years old... Time flies!

8:13 AM


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