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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

100 Things....yes, I've nothing better to do today.....

1. My real name is not Zookeeper, but Stephanie
2. I was born in Philadelphia, PA.
3. I was born in a naval hospital which has since closed down.
4. I have three children.
5. I got married when my oldest was eight months old.
6. I have been married to Aaron for almost eight years.
7. I studied at Ball State University, and earned a degree in German Education.
8. I taught German for a year.
9. I hated teaching high school.
10. I taught German to preschoolers for three years.
11. I loved it, though giving up my Saturday mornings wasn't my bag.
12. I used to work at Ernst & Young.
13. I swam on the team in high school.
14. My best time in the 500 yard freestyle is 7:26.
15. I can sing.
16. I've only sung professionally once, and was paid $35.
17. I sang to Aaron during our wedding.
18. I've moved eight times in the last 10 years.
19. I swear like a sailor.
20. I don't fucking care if you don't like my cussing.
21. One of my detentions served in school was for swearing in class.
22. The other was for an overdue library book.
23. Yes, I was a goodie-two-shoes in high school.
24. Social Work was another career option in college.
25. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
26. My twins were born 14 weeks early.
27. The twins were a fluke of over-active fertility meds required in this family.
28. My oldest was the result of a broken condom.....oooops!!!
29. I'm not sorry that the condom broke.
30. I'm not sorry that my ovaries are overactive.
31. I love being a mommy.
32. I hate being a mommy at times.
33. My oldest tried to be born 10 weeks to early.
34. My oldest was born only 4 weeks early.
35. I was nineteen when my oldest was born.
36. I went to Las Vegas on my honeymoon.
37. I have never been overseas.
38. I would love to live overseas.
39. I am a diet coke junkie.
40. I go through at least a case of diet coke a week. :O
41. I am also a pop-tart junkie.
42. I go through thin mints like they' coke... ;)
43. I didn't realize 100 things would be so many.
44. Indiana is where I find my home.
45. I grew up a county away from Kentucky.
46. My dad is an avid fisherman.
47. I hate fishing.
48. I am a slob by nature.
49. Am currently working hard to resolve this.
50. is a premature baby site that i co-run.
51. some of my best friends can be found there.
52. i am a scrapbooking junkie as well.
53. addictive tendencies run in my family.
54. i have completed near 500 pages.
55. i started scrapbooking in 1999.
56. i converted part of my walk-in closet to a scrapbooking space.
57. i didn't get my driver's license until i was 18.
58. Aaron taught me how to drive.
59. I bought my first car at 16.
60. I can count on both hands how many times i got to drive it.
61. my current ride is a 2003 hunter green mazda mpv.
62. it's lovingly called the Byers Bingo Bus.
63. i didn't come up with that name.
64. in 2003, i bought a pop-up camper.
65. i bought it off ebay.
66. i've used it once.
67. i really hate bugs and mosquitos.
68. i really had no idea that i would be running low on things to say...... LOL
69. i could chat a glass eye to sleep.
70. my hair is blonde.
71. my eyes are blue.
72. i wear a size 12 jeans.....ouch.....
73. i run a daycare out of my home.
74. i try not to keep any more than five extra kids in a day.
75. i actually don't mind my job.
76. i've not always liked my job as Zookeeper.
77. my yahoo IM name is scrappingjunkie......
78. i can frequently be found playing literati in yahoo games with my friend, Nancy.
79. i don't always win at literati.
80. i'm a total scatterbrain.
81. i have slowly gotten worse over time....
82. i sometimes can't form a coherent thought....
83. i'm a hopeless perfectionist.
84. Paxil is my friend.
85. i love to sleep.
86. these days, i don't sleep enough.
87. i am starting to get wrinkles.
88. thus, i have just spent 90 in mary kay products.... :O shhhh...don't tell aaron.
89. i don't wear make-up.
90. i have very sensitive eyes.
91. i overeat.
92. i love listening to music.
93. it's very hard to listen to the kinds of music i like, because i'm the zookeeper.
94. i actually don't mind the wiggles.
95. i spend the majority of my time barefoot.
96. i like to eat taco bell....most of the time.
97. i don't like black olives
98. i have sensitivites to meat...
99. i'm still not a vegetarian, though.
100. i'm tired now!


Blogger Nancy said...

Boy oh boy. Glad you're not "watching" my kid with all this time on your hands. Just know I would love that! I am however slightly miffed that there are things in there that I had no idea about after our billions of conversations!

3:12 PM

Blogger diligent law student said...

I did one myself ;-) it was fun!

4:50 PM


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