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Friday, March 18, 2005

A Woman's Place is in the Home......

OK, so maybe not all women should be a SAHM/WAHM.....but, I've come to realize, my WHOLE world revolves around being in my house. Sometimes I think that my life was a little easier when I was working outside the home at good old Unlce Ernie. (Ernst & Young) OK, who am I kidding? Life was a LOT easier when I was working outside the home. I am not genetically programmed to be a good housewife. This has led to the source of many a fight around the Zoo. Remember when I told you that I felt like I was getting a sinus infection? Well, this led to the Zookeeper taking a nap during naptime....instead of doing anything that might resemble cleaning in the slightest. Well, Mr. Zookeeper comes home last night and is PIIIIISSSSEEED. A huge fight ensues, expletives are shouted, tears are shed, and eventually, the Zookeeper leaves in a huff. So, I'm pissed and hurt, tired and crying, and I run for the mini-van......I climb in sit down.....and burst into more tears at the thought that I have nowhere to go. My whole existence lies within this 1240 square foot space that's ALL MINE. So, after a few minutes of bawling in my car, I realized that I couldn't go anywhere with my tear-stained face (oy, my face gets embarrasingly red and splotchy when I'm crying), I sheepishly went back into the house.

I still wonder if I shouldn't leave my Zoo behind and get a job outside the home. But I cringe at the thought of giving my entire paycheck to the keeper of the next zoo. What's the sense in that? So my next thought is that maybe it's time for the Zookeeper to wean the babies and go away by herself somewhere. Maybe visit some of my friends who are spread throughout the country and the world? I really don't want to wean them yet, but for my own sanity, I think I should. We've given it a good whirl. It's time to do something for myself. Why does a Mommy feel guilty in doing things for and by herself, but a Daddy doesn't? If he wants a weekend or a week away without the fam, he plans it and does it. And doesn't act like he will miss everyone so much it hurts. Whereas a Mommy sometimes has trouble leaving the house even for the damn afternoon without feeling like she's abandoning her family? I just a psychotic fuckwit?


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

OMG !!

It's like I just wrote that entry !! I'm sorry it's been rough. I only have one little bugger, five cats, two birds, and three fish and I am hanging on my a thread some days myself.

In fact last night after I was sure the boy was asleep I had myself a margarita...

11:37 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

Sorry you had a shitty night. There's nothing wrong with weaning those babes...they're old enough now. All men can leave the house for days without an ounce of remorse...tis why we have the babies and are the main caregivers....what lucky assholes :P

5:39 PM

Blogger Katie said...

It's a mommy thing, I swear. Weaning might help but then again, you might miss it like I do. *sniff, sniff* You can't win for losing. hehe

4:15 PM

Blogger Cath said...

:( It seems we have the same life! Although i only look after 1 babe my world also revolves around my home. I fell like i can't get away but i sure am gonna try and you should do the same! You NEED to get away for your own sanity. HUGS

11:10 AM


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