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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Screaming, Standing Diaper Changes, and Birthday Parties

This morning is one of those times where you just want to call it a 8:30!! Remember the train obsession I was telling you about? Well, the minute something doesn't go Griffin's way, he screams bloody murder -- an all-out, ear-piercing scream. OY!! (why, yes...that's a Snapperism! ;) )

So, I believe that Erin Louise is ready to be potty-trained. But someone please tell me how to potty train a kiddo that doesn't really TALK? Instead of telling me that she's pooped, she just brings me the shitty diaper. She's also done this with the pissy ones, too. Any insight might be helpful, but so help me, I think the girl's ready to start?

Today we are going to the two year birthday party for a friend from the NICU. It's at the Children's Museum, so that will bring some entertainment for the kiddos for a while. I'm excited at the thought of sharing this moment with them. The kids have really known eachother all their lives. There is something a bit fun at the thought of them knowing eachother all the way through school. This is provided that we all stay in our good old little town-that's-projected-to-be-a-city-soon-if-we-keep-growing-like-we-have. And even if we all stay put and they aren't best friends, the expectation is there that they WILL be friends. ROFL Why yes, I'm the mommy who also teases with her friends with children of the opposite sex that we're going to arrange their marriage. Although, now that I've read The Pact, by Jodie Picoult, I'm not so sure that this is such a great idea.

Anyway, have a great Saturday, all!


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