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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Simply She.....Simply Not Me!!!

Ok, so today I went and did something for myself. A friend of mine from college invited me to this expo at the State Fairgrounds called Simply She. This is sooooo not what I'm into. I'm the girl who doesn't wear make-up....the thought of putting make-up on makes me seriously want to claw my eyes out...literally! Mascara, and I've tried many kinds, does it to me every time. You know when I said that I just spent $90 with the Mary Kay lady? Well, that was ALL skin-care stuff, and didn't include make-up. Why? Because even their FOUNDATION makes my eyes itchy.....(um, Gina....can you help me, oh fashion consultant? not sure what I could pay you, unless you have a paypal account, but here's a job for you! hehe). I'm the girl whose main hairstyle includes either a clip or ponytail holder in some sort of shoddy pony-tail/bun mix-up. This is every day. I didn't even start conditioning my hair until college, if that tells you step-mom is not girly either, tho she doesn't leave the house without make-up. But, she never taught me the basic rituals of girl self-care.

So, spending a day looking at a whole bunch of stuff I wouldn't WANT to afford, watching stick-thin girls walk down a runway sporting hairstyles I would NEVER WEAR, just wasn't my idea of a good time.

Here's what will tell you what kind of girl I am....the highlight of the day? Going to the snack-bar for a corndog and eggrolls. And afterward? Going to Steak n' Shake and hanging out with a friend who needed the time by herself (or with an adult female) just as much as I did.

Minimalist? Why, yes...yes, I am.


Blogger diligent law student said...

Here's my simply she day/night - a tub of Godiva ice cream, white chocolate raspberry and a bottle of arbor mist watching Gilmore Girls - screw make up - pajamas are a must!

10:58 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Mmm, Steak-n-Shake... LOL about the rest of the day, that type of show totally does not sound like you at all!

9:30 AM


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