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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

To Mary Kay, or Not to Mary Kay? That is the Question.....

OK, so last night, I was invited to this Mary Kay meeting. I have used the Mary Kay make-up/skincare products since I was a little girl, playing in my mother's make-up. I love their stuff, and think that it really makes a difference in my skin. (yea...remember the $90 I spent??) So of course this girl is trying to get me into the plan. That's what they all do. But I've historically sucked at these types of things. But part of me wonders whether or not I would be successful with this type of thing, since it seems like this is a company who WANTS to help their "Independent Contractors". They WANT to help a person succeed with their business. Or at least I think that I would have the help in succeeding. I've totalled up what I think that I would spend every few months, and it's quite extensive. Especially if I use the skin care as it's meant to be used. And for a week now, I've been regimented in my skin care, only missing either one or the other of the mornings/nights. And my skin DOES really look nice.

But, I still wonder if this is for me. Methinks that I could be a personal use consultant, and offer the discount to my friends and family. But part of me thinks that it would be wonderful to be just like my friend Rebecca, who makes, and I shit you not, $4,000 a month simply in her commissions from her downline! Holy shit!

But then I think about how I've tried selling both candles and scrapbooking stuff now....and of how both of those ideas have failed miserably. Would this be any different? I don't know.

And part of the reason I don't wear make-up is also what prevents me from doing well in any business....I'm inherently lazy....I HATE this about myself, but it is the truth.

But part of me KNOWS that I can't be the Zookeeper forever. Don't get me wrong, I love the kids, and love their families. But I think I will slowly go insane if I do this long term. I NEED adult companionship. I crave it. I crave getting appreciated and recognized....NEITHER of which happens when you're either a SAHM or a daycare provider. Children just don't show you that they appreciate you very well......

*sigh* What to do?


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

DO NOT DO MARYKAY !!! I did it a few years ago and it was like being in the club from HELL. You have to initially purchase like 2000$ worth of product and then you *have* to sell a certain amount of product per quarter or they just charge you that much anyway. And its not a reasonable amount you can expect to generate as a beginer. See, these are things no one tells you about until they have your credit card number. It isn't anything I owuld recommend, you SERIOUSLY have to bother a ton of people a ton of times to get them to buy things. Most people who will spring for the stuff already have people they buy it from, so you either have to steal other peoples clients or con new people into wanting it. And like you said, it burns your eyes. Basically I think the products suck.
I just don't see this being for you. It certainly isn't for me...

12:09 PM

Blogger Katie said...

DON'T DO IT! hehe I forgot to ask earlier, why did you quit the scrapbooking one?

4:04 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Can't say that I can picture you driving the pink car and selling cosmetics :P. And as for inherent laziness..blame it on genetics or something.

4:33 PM

Anonymous Montana Baggett said...

wow, the mary kay I belong to doesnt require I sell any amount. my starter kit was $115 and I had to order $600 within the first 3 months after that I now have to order $200 every 3 months to stay active no one knows my credit card # I only give it to MK corporate when I put in an order and if any one charged my credit card without my authorization I would report them to the police, it sounds like somone is running there own MK scam on the side. but my MK experiance has been great, I love my director and she does sinceraly want me to succeed she is very helpfull in so many ways as are my other MK sisters (even the ones with nothingto gain from my success) which explains how our unit came so close to hitting the $million circle of excelence! what i am trying to say is yes they de help you secceed.

12:21 AM


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