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Monday, March 14, 2005



I am now scrapbooking 2003! :D AWWWW, YEAH!!!! For those of you who know me, I have been perepetually behind my entire scrapping career. Up until recently, I have worked outside my home 60 hours a week during this time of year, and even when I wasn't working 60 hours, spent at least an hour on the road each day (maybe two, depending on where the location was) en route. So, working 60 hours at home has made it a little easier to scrap and get some stuff done. I would probably be caught up by now, if 60 hours a week didn't take its toll. :) Also, scrapping generally tends to make a HUGE mess (well...for ME at any rate!), so if I don't get things cleaned up...or if Aaron cleans (which usually entails him just dumping shit on my desk in my closet! ROFL), then I have to actually clean before I scrap. I know, cry you a river, right? ;) Anyway, I'd probably be closer to caught up if I had more energy....but, that's not likely to happen in the very near future, so I'll settle for being just two months' over two years behind.

Other news of note is that my internet farted out on me this weekend....can I tell you how dependent upon my internet I am? Can I tell you how scared this makes me?? How can I make it through a day without getting my ass kicked by Nancy at Literati?? *back of hand on forehead, like a Victorian woman with the vapours* So, I resorted to scrapbooking yesterday, finishing up 2003 (only one page...) and sorting pictures of the twins in the hospital. I'm still wondering how to do their albums, but we shall see how it goes. I'm facing it full-on now. I figure that I suppose I ought to use those credits I bought last year..... ROFL....shouldn't let 400 prints go to waste, should I??

Anyway, that's that. I shall now get bossy lady (a.k.a. the five year old) some breakfast.....She comes late, and then comes in demanding breakfast....the nerve, I tell you!


Blogger diligent law student said...

CONGRATULATIONS! 2003 - that's some pretty great progress! Keep up the good work, and I want to see all of the new stuff you've done when I come home this weekend!

9:34 AM

Blogger Cath said...

WTG on the scrapping Steph! I'm not that organised, i just scrap what pictures i feel like scrapping. I make a HUGE mess too but DH just leaves it, he knows not to touch!

11:43 AM

Blogger Katie said...

So jealous!

12:49 PM


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