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Friday, January 07, 2005

Now that I've had someone contact me about starting their own Leaving Prints business...which, you can do, by the way, with a mere $30! I've been thinking of maybe getting into the groove again...who knows? I've got three things booked until the end of the month...this girl's class on the 16th, an Intro to Scrapbooking class ([un]cleverly called Inauguration class) on the 20th, and a Two-Page Tuesday class on the 25th. If I can't get something positive accomplished with these things, I seriously am going to hang up the ol' apron and just be a hobbyist with a bunch of my friends. However, if I can get something good from these things, then I will go ahead and try to persue this. I will not, however, spend a ton of money on this anymore. I love the product, but how much more could one gal really need? I mean c'mon! I really need to take a pic for you all to see just how much retail therapy I had last year! :)

That being said, my little man is coughing again....and I'm not sure how much longer I have on the puter. I definitely will not be going to my grandpa-in-law's house tomorrow to see the rest of the fam. I don't think my nerves could take my grumpy gusses-in-a-van-for-three-hours-with-no-nap-thank-you-very-much. I shall stay home and scrapbook, methinks....we shall see....


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