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Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year, Everyone! :)

I am back to a semi-normal schedule today. I've not seen some of my kiddos for three weeks, so I'm happy to be reunited with them! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly kids grow, especially when they're toddlers.

OK, so now that all of my Christmases are over, I have totals for just how much crafting my wee hands did.....

7 blankets
4 calendars (yes, I snuck this one in! ROFL)
3 journals/journal jars
6 cookie plates

I think that's about it.....I can't believe that I was able to finish all that. Of course, there were a few times that I stayed up LAAATTTEEE to get them finished on time, but humor me!

I'm now going to get back to scrapbooking. I feel so badly that the twins are nearly two years old, and I've not been able to get caught up enough (mentally) to work on their albums. Perhaps my lack of organization on that part is due to being scared of starting their albums (I realize that I'm a broken record when it comes to the twins and their extreme prematurity, but again...humor me...ROFL). Oh, well...that's the goal for 2005...sort out and start their albums...the poor dears with their deralict mother.....

Other than getting to the scrapbooking, there are several things that I plan on trying to do in 2005. They are as follows:
1. spend more time away from the computer and getting in the faces of my family.
2. do better at keeping house. i HATE cleaning (it's genetic, i'm afraid), but know that it's necessary for the health of my family and the happiness of my over-worked husband.
3. keep better records for the daycare.
4. do more things with the daycare.....

OK, i want nothing less than perfection out of myself....ROFL. I look at the things I expect from myself and don't need to wonder why i often feel inferior......


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