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Saturday, December 18, 2004

i'm sad's aaron's graduation for his master's degree, and i am at home with a sick girlie and a meanie boy.....i really wish i could have gone to see him...even though graduations are historically the most boring event known to mankind! :) but pawning the pukster off on my sister-in-law seems like cruel and unusual punishment, so i'm going to play mommy and stay home. which is good, because who else does a sick kiddo want, other than their mommy?

we took miss erin to the doc today and she only has a virus, according to them. she waited over twenty four hours before puking again, so i was surprised to get the wonderful gift of vomit all over me, my pillow (?!), and my hair.....i feel bad for my little munchkin.


Blogger Chris said...

Oh.....poor girls, both of you! Hope she is feeling better today.
Congrats to Aaron though!

9:08 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to all the Mommy blogs I read, everyone's kids are sick. Mine just got better, so here's hoping yours will soon!!


12:51 PM


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