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Monday, November 15, 2004

Rest in Peace
Wizard the Lizard
Beloved bearded dragon lizard, who would grace our presence on school holidays.
Sometime in the 1999-2000 school year -November 15, 2004
(anyone have tips to make it easier on my soon-to-be-eight year-0ld?)


Blogger Village-Idiot said...

Awe, poor little guy. I feel really bad.

Unfortunately there really isn't much I can suggest. Maybe you can do a little project together and make a memorial in honor of Mr. Lizard? Maybe mount a plastic lizard that looks like him on a plaque of wood and engrave his name on it with a Dremel tool?

7:21 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

that's a good idea....might have to do that....

now for finding the plastic bearded dragon lizard..... :D

12:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest a project, too, but more along the lines of a collage, if you had pictures - something he can take part in.

4:33 PM

Blogger Aussie Mama said...

When our budgie died my 8 yr old made a paper mache bird and put it in the cage, hmmm.

10:48 PM

Blogger Carmi said...

When our fish died, the kids wrote a story about him (her?) They remembered what they liked about the gilled critter, and how he (she?) made them laugh.

Then we put each one into a scrapbook which they'll cherish someday - one hopes, anyway.

Sort of a preparation for the inevitable departure of our aging cat. Now THAT will be a tough one. They love our furry little friend to bits and pieces.

What better way to teach kids about the circle of life than through pets. You're a wise Mom for looking for the good in Wizard's passing.

2:11 PM


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