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Thursday, November 04, 2004

i'm a bit on the headachy side today.... :( i think it has something to do with the ever-changing weather. this time last week, while a bit on the rainy side, was completely it's cold and rainy.... :( oh, well....i'll eventually get to sit outside and let the kids play on a cold DRY playset! :D

you know, i really love the fact that i live in America....but what i don't understand is how skewed the news and media are worldwide.... who's getting the wrong views? are we not being told the entire truth in the news? or are we being told the truth and are choosing to ignore it? it's truly bothersome to me! it's amazing how this election has spurred me into WANTING to read the news more and to be more educated in world events. funny how i was so content to simply exist in my own little smaller-than-an-acre piece of this world and to simply deal with the issues in the house. not that there aren't issues to be had here! but i exist on a more simplistic scale than most people. in a recent conversation with my grandpa, he told me that living in a country is like being part of a club. in order to be a part of a club, you generally have to follow certain rules and have certain duties to uphold. that was a very powerful conversation for me.

and, i can't vouch for this election or any other election except 1996, when i voted last, but i am going to be a more active participant in the next election. voting at the primaries and doing my part in choosing the right candidates. i can't see myself standing for any certain party. i just simply can't say that any one party has all the answers. that makes it incredibly difficult. perhaps i will make it my duty to do a better job in researching that, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bist du krank? Und warum heisst du Frau? Sprichst du Deutsch? Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I love comments! I think this past election energized a lot of people, me included. It also helped me redefine my opinions and feelings about a multitude of issues. Hope you can break those twins of hitting--our younger daughter liked to do that too. It was too long ago to remember exactly what I did. ( this stupid memory of mine!) Margaret at

8:17 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

The hitting... wait till they get older and, like Ryan, they can tell you "I not love you." Well I know better than to believe him...even though it still kind-a irks me.

Good to see you've been energized politically (Me too).

Have a good one...

6:48 AM


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