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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

first day back at work was a pretty good day. i enjoy my little ones so much....most of the time! :D it seems like everyone gets bigger with a week without their Miss Steph, ya know?? *sniff, sniff* what big kids... :)

i'm having trouble sleeping at night.....i don't know what is causing the insomnia, but i'm definitely having issues with it!!! grrrr......i'm dog-tired by the time beddy-bye time rolls by, and toss and turn before finally settling in to sleep. *shrugs* maybe i got too much rest over my vaca? ;)

i'm still hem-hawing over my voting decisions.....i live in a historically republican state, so i'm sure that Bush will win out, but i still feel it's my duty to figure out whom i support more, ya know? what still kills me is that this is only the third time i've been old enough to vote! ROFL

like Hammer, i think i'm going to support Bush this go. is he a perfect President? nope. i think that he's done some cock-a-maney things in the past four years....i don't necessarily agree with the war if it's true that there really wasn't any threat of WMD's, but i do think that we need to give the troops the suport that they deserve. i do think that we need to do a better job in afghanistan, too. but you know? i'm definitely no expert on such matters, so i think that Bush is doing the best that he can with what he's been dealt. and at this point, it's not that i'm voting for him, but more voting against Kerry. i think that he would be a poor leader for our country, somehow. maybe it's the fact that he runs around toting the fact that he's Catholic but is supportive of partial birth abortion?? if the things i've read are correct, the baby is partially out before it is killed. hel-fucking-lo? how could you even dream of that? maybe i'm just a little too emotional, being the mother of former 26 weekers. i've seen the miracles of what medicine can do to make such premature babies as "normal" as possible. and i've heard stories of women who very well could have died if they didn't deliver their babies at such devastatingly premature gestations. at any rate, toting the fact that he's Catholic really burns my ass. yes, i'm Catholic...but i'm a convert, too! ;) and i do know that kerry stands for things that go against the very grain of Catholic beliefs.

*stepping down off my soapbox*

at any rate, it's my goal today to call five people (at least) and see if they'll have a Leaving Prints show for me. i really want to get things going, and i'm afraid i've been lazy for way too long. to the phone i go... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have become my new best friend. I just checked out the Leaving Prints site and all I have to say is "rock on!!!!!!!" I've been scrapbooking for about a year. I am SO far behind still. I take thousands of pictures and I feel the need to scrapbook everything. It must OCD.

Silver Linings

10:51 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said... if you want to order anything! ROFL ;) oh, btw....we have these wonderful "quick & easy" kits. Everything you need to complete 6 pages.....they go together in about 2 hours (or less..i did the girl one in 45 mins!) and then you just slap pictures and journaling on....voila! ;) i just bought the camping one for my recent trip! :D

1:26 PM


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