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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Two Major Reasons Why It's Not Always Fun to Be the Zookeeper....

1) Vote? Nope...there's no voting because the wait was TWO HOURS LONG!!! I had to get back to the babysitter who was babysitting the babysitting, well......while every vote counts, mine wasn't going to be one of them this year. i'm pretty disappointed about it... :(

2)Your sheets could meet the fate that mine did yesterday....i'm sparing you actual pics and leaving it to "one of the babies let 'er rip on my bed yesterday". 'nuf sed


Blogger Village-Idiot said...

LOL.. at least they didn't smear anything on the walls. Ryan did once--all over his crib, the wall, the sheets, the bumper... that was one day I was VERY HAPPY to be in work... yuck!

Sorry about the vote. Mine was useless in this liberal-ass state I call NJ. >:( At least our guy won in the end!! :-)

1:03 PM

Blogger ~Shez~ said...

I'm so with ya on the 2nd reason. I was doing linen laundry at 2am this morning. Gotta love those middle-of-the-night-onset tummy upsets. (No, not my tummy, my poor DS)

Sorry you didn't get to vote :( and for what it's worth - I'd have voted Bush... except I'm South African and live in the UK - so I don't get to do any voting at all. LOL

3:02 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Poor Steph, having to clean up poop! If it's any consilation i had too this morning as well, and then when we had the nappy off and i turned round for a nanosecond to get the clean one, he decided to pee all over the clean sheet!
I'm sick of washing!

12:36 PM


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