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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why it's a good thing that I am forced to stay home and have kids running around me all the time......

In the last 24 hours, i've managed to spend nearly $150!!! :O

I went to see my baby bro perform in his State band was so awesome to see them marching in the Hoosier Dome (it will never be the fucking RCA dome to me, folks). they made 7th out of 10 bands. they were disappointed, as they made 4th place last year. it's still hard for them to see that it's just an honor to be there....they are one of the best bands out of 175 or more in the state of indiana.....there were four groups of ten there, so top 40 is a wonderful place to be....congrats to them, even tho they don't feel like it.... this morning, aaron and the kids head off to good ol' terre haute, indiana, to help celebrate two momentuous birthdays for members of his family. his great aunt donna turned 70, so they had a surprise birthday for her....and his great aunt ann had something like her 90th birthday, so they celebrated that, too.....which leaves the old zookeeper completely free of animals today!! so...i went to barnes and not get a book that i was looking for, but instead walk out with a book that i wasn't. lol....i then went to michael's to spend my 40% off coupon....walked out with $30.00 worth of stuff! :O i went home and put in an order at for some things....$50....went out to eat at Panera Bread, which i never get to do $10....went to wal-mart to get diapers, etc....$40! LOL

oy! gotta quit spending now....LOL

ok....on the list to do now is to try to cut out collin's cape for halloween...i probably won't get around to sewing it tonight, but if i get the energy and motivation, we'll have my first ever "pattern-necessary" sewing project.....

eat your heart out, martha! ROFL

oh, btw...alaina....we're headed out on thursday.... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babe, I totally know what you mean. I went out to get a few things to make a curry last friday and spent £40. LOL.

1:52 AM


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