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Thursday, August 05, 2004

here's hoping blogger's a little more pleasant to me today...i couldn't post yesterday! LOL

not that much is ever going on here...LOL

BUT....i did sell one of my ebay auctions yesterday!! it went for a whopping $4.25!!'s a start....and what's more is that the girl who got bought out wants me to replicate it for her! *feeling pleased with myself* AND...she's bidding on the second set i've got up! i can't tell you how good this makes me feel about myself! :) i would really love to sell that baby girl scrapbook that i made back in may....we shall see....i've got to finish scanning it all in....i just wish that my scanner would do better with metal embellishments, as my digicam isn't very good with them...makes everything have this burned look to it.... sheesh...

the only other thing to report is that miss erin officially fell off the swingset today... :( i'm such a bad's hoping that it won't happen again....


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