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Friday, July 30, 2004

chalk it up to being tired....chalk it up to the fact that it's friday, but dag.....i'm tired.....and i have sooooo much shit to do before tonight!!  the good new is that i will likely be off work by 3:30 or so, so that will be good for getting on the road and into st. louis before it's all too late....

wish me luck...the babies don't really travel well....i'm thinking that we're looking at some sleepless nights....they were AWFUL last weekend, so i'll settle for just bad this weekend!  LOL  thank goodness i have aaron to help this time....

i will be back on monday with a full report of and their set-up with hotels....i got a room at the sheraton in downtown st. louis for 68.00...when it would normally cost 129.00......wish me luck on that, too!  ;)

have a good weekend!!  :)


Blogger InnocentBystander said...

I guess I'm lucky - Esme and Maslin travel extremely well. They usually go right to sleep once the car gets rolling. They do cry until that point, however. I guess the only bad thing about traveling with them (besides having to pack for an army) is that that is the only time Maslin thinks she can poop. In the car, in her bucket, away from home. She has ruined several outfits from runover...

6:20 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

they are good in the car, but when we're there, sleeping usually isn't good at night... :(

and i know full-well about the runover! :S we had a very big poop incident when we traveled was EVERYWHERE in the car!!

11:58 AM


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