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Monday, August 02, 2004

ok....the promised update on the weekend....

we live about four hours or so from st. louis, in the indianapolis area. you take the great I-70 west through terre haute.....well....about twenty minutes west of terre haute....erin pukes....we chalk it up to being carsick or overeating, clean her up, and promise to stop at the next wal-mart for some lysol. no big deal....we just won't be eating KFC for a little while now! ;) we stop at the big K and get some lysol and some swim trunks for the boys...i'd forgotten them. bad mommy!! LOL anyway, griffin starts puking!! i'm not sure how many times each of them puked during the what turned into six hour trip, but all we wanted to do was to get to the hotel and sleep whatever this was off!!

well, griffin threw up on saturday morning for the last time....but erin threw up until sunday morning.....

all the planning, the money spent, and all that happened was collin and i got to go up in the arch and we all got to see a very strange mall called st. louis mills that had an archiver's. other than that.....we spent the weekend in the hotel room or in the van.... much for a vacation! and....remarkably enough....erin hasn't thrown up since we left st. louis! nutty babies!! they're little terrorists, i tell ya!


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