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Friday, July 30, 2004

it is currently 12:25, and i've recently gotten back from a night of scrapbooking with the girls!  i'm way excited!!  :)  it is not often that i get out of the house, so this was a real treat!

for those of you who read this thing who scrapbook, i'm doing a class on fibers next week, so i'm getting things in gear for that....i've made a card, a tag, and a memo board page that i'm going to use.....i still want to do one more layout using fiber, and then i think that i'll be good to go!  i'm really excited about trying to get the LP thing going.  i think i have a lot to offer as far as enthusiasm and shared techniques, so i hope that this catches on!  :) to bed...still need to fold clothes and pack for st. louis....the ship leaves at 5:30ish tomorrow night!  :)


Blogger Chris said...

Have a great weekend Steph!
Do you have a paper LP catalog?

5:08 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

geez, girlie!! you're up early! :) we do have a paper catty....shoot me an email, and i can get you one...i can also look to see if there's anyone up your way! :) btw..i emailed you at your hotmail addy! ;)

7:34 AM


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