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Thursday, July 29, 2004

the past few days have been extremely busy.  we went out for our anniversary, but i felt sick after i ate, so i couldn't get any groove on... :(  how tragic!    but i ate the toblerone cheesecake the next day for lunch, and it was yummy!  :)

my friend jan has been in the hospital again.  i really get scared for her when she gets sick.  it's not just like the sniffles....she could bleed to death at any given moment when she gets sick... :(  it's really one thing having her move two hours away, but it's something entirely different to think that she could pass away!

collin earned his purple belt in karate!  he really makes me proud with the way he's so into doing well.  i'm really happy that he's one step closer to getting a black belt.  he really has come into his own since the babies were born and since he's started karate....he still cries at the drop of a hat, and still whines a bit when things don't go his way, but he's really getting more mature.

i'm really starting to put myself into my leaving prints business.  i just emailed out a schedule of classes that i'm going to hold, and people are responding!  cross your fingers for me, as i really would love to do more of this type of work, and less offense to the families i watch......  ;)

we're going to st. louis this weekend!!  i'm really excited...i booked the sheraton downtown, and we're going to be doing things like going to the zoo (it's free!), the science center (also free!), and grant's farm (also free!!  LOL).  there is just so much you can do in st. louis, and it's very family-oriented.  loooove it.

alright everyone, now go update your blogs!!  ;) is the ONLY one of you who's updated lately!!!  ;)  i take it has also updated!  sorry nain!  ;)


Blogger diligent law student said...

that's right buddy! You can count on me updating - hey, wanna pick me up a St. Louis shotglass out there this weekend???

4:09 PM


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