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Monday, October 12, 2009


A nice neat bullet list of the disarray that is me right now:
  • I smashed my finger in the shower door last still hurts and is black and blue
  • a bee crawled into my soda can while I was outside watching a soccer game on Saturday, and stung me... inside the mouth... it doesn't hurt anymore, though. Bonus!
  • my camera broke... yes, I've been wanting to get a Canon Rebel for a long time, but I wasn't ready to shell out the cash for it yet. And, seeing as I don't want to go down in quality of camera and the similar camera is 399... I'm going to be shelling out the money for the camera... is very bittersweet!
  • my garage door is broken, and my front door is wonky.... I almost got my keys stuck in the door this morning trying to throw the I will be leaving work early to take care of it today.

So I'm calling a do-over to the last seven days.

And, because I'm an optimist by nature, I will have you know that I DO have something to look forward to (other than playing around with a new camera). At the end of the month, I shall be taking two days off. And I'm taking Aaron and the twins away for the weekend. It's still TBD on where, but we're heading out. I don't care if the money could be better spent elsewhere. We're going to do it.


Blogger JP said...

Can I call a do-over on the last year?

1:43 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

A nice cozy vacation with friends, what could be better? Barfing kids ride with the dads, new vacation rule!

3:38 PM


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