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Monday, January 19, 2009

More Protein....

... so I have heard that getting more protein in your diet can have a variety of health benefits. Of course, I didn't realize how easy it can be sometimes. Sometimes? Not so easy. Today is an easy day. I had a protein shake for breakfast and ham and beans for lunch. The benefits to the ham and beans? Also high in fiber! Woot! The way I make ham and beans is very low fat, too. So we'll see how I can do with this. The protein shakes are a good way to start. Because I'm perpetually bad about drinking milk. So I'm getting more goodies in my body by starting this.

... am debating on what to do for exercise tonight. Karate class or the gym? I overdid it yesterday at the gym with arms, and now have sore shoulders. So I really need to work lower body today, whatever I do.

... Aaron's officially scared that I'm going to train to be a fighter. I seriously would consider it if I knew that I would remain in tact. I'll stick with traditional karate-type fighting for competition, and leave the MMA stuff for just playing around.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

You'll have to tell me how to mak eprotein shakes, Noah and I both could use those. Especially for breakfast.

8:39 PM

Blogger crazed lunatic said...

oh, Judy... it's easy as pie. They have this chocolate soy protein powder by EAS at Wal-Mart. Each container is 11.00 and has about 14 shakes' worth of powder in them. You want a bottle that has a lid on it (like one of those rubbermaid containers?). Mix it with skim milk and you have a high-protein, low-fat drink to start your day. I felt better as far as my hypoglycemia-stuff. I still ate like a sumo wrestler today, but it was mostly protein and fiber. (ham and beans, though, which makes for unhappy people around me later in the day... *winks*

9:30 PM


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