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Thursday, January 22, 2009


... that's me. So tonight, I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. If you contact me on a regular basis, can you call, txt or email me to let me know your number? Am hating cell phone life right now, as I have Aaron's old phone.

... then, as I'm complaining to my karate teacher about it, Collin decides to inform me that he accidentally erased everything on the DVR. No UFC for me.... and I had one of the old Matt Hughes and Royce Gracie fights saved!


Blogger Liam said...

Oooo can I have your phone so I can cyberstalk you?

9:09 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said... in the toilet. I'm not sure I could get past that one. I'm sorry. That has to hurt.

12:30 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Remember what the camera guy said, let it dry out for a while, no playing with it. Do you know if it can be saved at all?

8:54 AM


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