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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


....Message on my newly purchased REPLACEMENT honey mustard bottle, currently in its place in the fridge at work: Feel free to use, but if it doesn't make its way back into the fridge, I will kung fu your ass.

....I had a conversation with an intelligent person last night, who blamed having to lay people off from a business on Obama's tax plan. Seriously? Dude's not in office yet, and you've no idea whether everyone will really pass his plan, but you're laying people off? Methinks those problems started long before November 4. And if they didn't, you're very good in your preemptive efforts. Feel badly for your situation, but still.....

....The twins are seeing to my insanity. This morning's festivities included a full blown fit because Griffin started brushing his teeth before Erin could get her toothbrush loaded. Erin was mad because she didn't have anyone to brush her teeth with. This happens every time one starts before the other. And if Erin starts before Griffin, it's the same thing. Erin, however, proceded to throw her loaded toothbrush across the bathroom floor. Yep. Spankings happened over that one!

....I'm starting to try and bring my lunch more frequently, due to my ever-increasing credit card balance. (Hence the aforementioned honey mustard) We'll see how long I can last. Nothing ever sounds good in the morning when I'm packing. I'm wondering how I'll be at 90 when nothing sounds good now. Just set me up with some TPN.

....My Starbucks gift card is now drained. I shall not bask in the joys of a Peppermint Mocha Twist, non-fat, but load on the peppermint whipped cream, on a cold wintry fall morning. *sigh* Stupid economy and large credit card balances!


Blogger Liam said...

Speaking of toothbrushes...

I bought a toothbrush Sunday... and asked my 5yr old son to put it in the bathroom. I haven't seen it since.

9:40 AM

Blogger Alaina said...

AMEN sister on the high credit card balances. It's like I get paid, I pay off my bills, and then I look at my checking and go "ok, so how am I supposed to feed myself and put gas in the car for the next 2 weeks?" And your friend has the nerve to blame economy stuff on Obama? Seriously?
~your equally brokeass sister in law

10:27 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I had not read this post when I called about lunch. At least lunches with me are cheap and don't add too much to the weight of your CC balances.

1:10 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

How funny that they like to brush their teeth together. Hilarious. I'd make them do it in separate bathrooms if it's a daily whine session.

I hope the mustard thief has learned the error of their ways. Seriously, why do people do that.

10:58 PM


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