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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday.... we went to Terre Haute today to eat brunch with Aaron's family. It was a nice visit, and the drive to Terre Haute is much shorter than the drive to Southern Indiana to visit my family. We actually ate at some special place at St. Mary of the Woods college. Two of Aaron's aunts went to school there. The place was fairly schwank-ily decked out, though the food was really nothing special.

...special shout-out to Judy for the fun Phantom basket that landed on my porch. Usually she's called the Porch Fairy, but she disguised herself as the Phantom on Friday. There was three of everything in the basket, along with temporary tattoos. So my question to Judy would be whether or not the tattoos were for me. *winks*

....Go Colts! Not holding my breath for a win tonight, but am not giving up hope that they might be able to poop out a win.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you love those unexpected treats!

2:36 PM


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