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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween and All Saints Day....

.... So this is Aaron, Collin, Steven, and another neighborhood kid... Collin decided to be Mystery Man. I don't know what the hell Aaron was supposed to have been.

.....this was Cate and Claire, Erin, and Griffin. Claire is in Griffin's class at school, and the kids get along very well. Cate is Claire's younger sister, and cute as a button. She was terribly excited about each and every piece of candy she got. Halloween was a bunch of fun. Sooo much better than last year's trip around the 'hood! My dad had a conference up in Huntington this morning, so my parents came up to spend Friday evening with us and then today. So, for the first time, they got to see my little angels on Halloween. They went around the 'hood with us. My mom shared my cup of.... coffee.... yeah, that's That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Every year, our nice friends Matt and Renee offer up going to their house and partaking of good adult refreshments, but every year it seems that I'm delusional in thinking that we'll make it outside of the neighborhood. It's just the most chaotic time. Ever. that I stayed up well past my bedtime talking to my mom. Love that she didn't care as I threw a fit this morning about the fact that my dishwasher is crap. She watched me and chatted with me as I washed all my dishes by hand. She watched and laughed as I took apart my dishwasher to remove chunks of deposits (thank you, hard water!) from my dishwasher. My mom is really cool like that. She's just so happy to be with us. And I'm so happy to have her there. Was a good visit.
....How many of you have gone for the early voting? For anyone who's actually gone, how long did you wait? Judy waited over an hour....during the middle of the day! Ayman waited over an hour...early in the morning. Another friend of mine just told me she waited two hours. Am thinking that I might be hosed. Am really hoping that Aaron and I will be able to make it to the polls. Not sure how it's going to work.
...That brings me to my next topic.... My dad. Love this man. But the only thing we managed to talk about in his presence was this damn election. And you know what? You all know who I am voting for. You've known that since the man said he was going for the Democratic nominee. But you know what? In all honesty? I really don't care who you vote for when Tuesday comes around. The important thing with this election is that the people of our country start viewing voting and getting involved as something worthwhile and knowing that their vote matters. The opinion of the people will prevail. And if it doesn't happen to correlate to my opinion, it wasn't meant to be. But sheesh. I wish that sometimes there would be more to talk about with my dad.....


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I am very much NOT interested in talking about the election. I don't care if you vote for my candidate or not. Other opinions will never change my opinion, and I will never be voting for the other candidate, no matter how much fast talking one can do. So please don't bother, and please shut your pie hole.

If at this point someone wanted to talk about the election in my house, I'd tell them to leave and find a neighbor or someone who cares to have that conversation. I am done. I have voted. It is over!


8:30 AM

Blogger Auntie said...

Ugh! I wish the election was OVER because I am pretty sick of it too.

Cute pictures of the kids.

10:36 AM

Blogger Katie said...

My thought on early voting is there are many, many more precinct voting places on Tuesday than the few early voting ones open now. The precincts are set up to handle the number of people registered in that area where the early voting is a much bigger number of people from many precincts. I'm voting on Tuesday and I really doubt I'll be waiting more than half an hour. 6am to 6pm, you can make it!

9:40 AM


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