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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

And She Loses Her First Tooth!

...and if you look at her mouth thinking, "It looks like there is still a tooth there!" You're not imagining things, and no, I didn't wait a month to post the picture.....the other tooth came through last week. Coincidentally, we went to the dentist last week, an he said that we were luck that the new tooth severed the old root. Or we would have had to have the baby tooth extracted! So am happy that nature took its course.
...and methinks we're starting a tradition with first missing teeth in my house. Collin lost his first tooth....He actually LOST it. And as I type, we gave up looking for Erin's tooth. Am sure that Collin's first one was inadvertently thrown away. He kept it in a paper towel of all things. But Erin? Her was in the nifty little buy-four-thousand-for-one-dollar necklaces that have a little container, which is shaped like a tooth, dangling from them. Am certain that she put it someplace for safekeeping......well. It's safe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my mom still has all of our baby teeth in an old glass baby aspirin bottle in her jewelry box.

10:34 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Awww, she is a big girl now, it's official. Just wait until more fall out and she has the crazy looking mouth!! Caitlyn's are finally growing back in, thank God. Though I still think we will be in line for braces sometime around junior high.

So what does the tooth fairy leave down by you?

10:58 PM

Anonymous Alaina said...

Ha, Erin was totally asking me how much I got from the tooth fairy when I was a kid. I told her that the tooth fairy rates were a lot lower in the 80s. I think I got like a quarter or something like that. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up!

12:53 PM


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