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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We're Goin' Campin'.....

....this weekend will find me up in Northern Indiana with our friends Ron and Diane. They have a son that is a little older than Collin. So it's nice to hang out with them. This is what our camp site typically looks like.
....a small victory for me tonight... took the twins to karate and they both stayed on the mat the entire time. And I even was on the mat with them. A successful night!
...another victory is that all the kids are doing well in the first few days of school. The twins slept in until 7 this morning (thank goodness for small favors!). They also seem to be excited about school. Last night I found out that the twins will be separated for the entire day at school, not even having lunch at the same time. And when the nuttiness of figuring out where everyone is when calms down and we've settled into a routine, I feel like the separation will be a welcome thing in our house. Because maybe by the time they haven't been together all day, they'll be NICER to eachother when they get home. It could be a shot in the dark to hope for this, but I'm hoping for it nonetheless. Did you know that they have never really been separated like this since they were in the NICU? I wonder what it will do for them, but am excited that they will get to develop even further as separate people. No worries, folks, they still will cry a river when the other disowns them as a best friend. So I think that they'll still be thick as thieves.
....and to give Collin some air time, we will be going Monday to an introductory meeting for band. He's decided that he wants to play the alto sax. We'll see how that goes. It throws a rock into the wheel that is our schedule, but we'll see how things go. Between scouting, karate, and now band, am not sure how we're going to get everywhere we need to be. I need to go out and buy one of those family planners already spinning around in circles!


Anonymous Alaina said...

Collin playing an instrument in band - that's so cute :-) Good for him! Have fun camping this weekend! It's supposed to be really beautiful out!

7:43 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Another cog in the wheel is that an instrument on the bus may not be fun for Collin, depending on how crowded it is.

The good news is that The Grubes and Workmans are carpooling this year, so we can help as needed. I haven't asked Tina about this, but she is probably in agreement with me.

Noah did not want to do band as he would have to give up Science Exploratiuon which he loves. Maybe Collin can play for the Scandanavian Symphony when Noah gets his Nobel Prize in Physics.

9:13 AM

Anonymous M@ said...

I have an alto lying around that he can borrow.

2:17 PM


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