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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just another day....

.....not much going on, really. Collin and I went to black belt class (got to bow on...which was cool, since I'm NOT a black belt yet) and then sparring class (first one of the fall!). He didn't really give us any drills or instruction, but it was fun to get back at it. My friend Melissa and I wound up clashing pretty badly...I had a goose-egg on my arm and she had one on her shin. Is the price you pay for hitting and kicking your friends for fun and exercise.
....I went to Half-Price books yesterday and bought a book on photography composition. We'll see if I can get better with my photos. You gotta love having a digital camera. There's no muss or fuss on how many photos you take, because you don't have to print them all. But am having trouble choosing the photos that I take. So I will have to figure something out with that regard. Not every photo should even stay on your computer. But, if you're a pack-rat like me, you know that it's really hard to throw anything away. Anyway. I'll be playing more and more with my camera. And will post the fruits of my efforts.


Blogger Auntie said...

Love seeing pictures! I wish I could upload mine...something I will work on. Why don't you just burn everything to a cd?

12:46 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Commenting... ;)

6:00 PM


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